Gay marriage: Now with soi-disant horse pucky!

March 6, 2009

“Sean Penn I (aka) Jeff Spicoli, is the true Jackass, donkey or whatever nasty animule you choose. He touts Obi Wan Obama the One, the high and mighty Messiah, the Grand Pooh Bah the mystic purveyor of teleprompter, the politico pédants manqué but fails to recall how even The Great one, the Grand panjandrum, his venerated Obi Wan is publically anti this anathama of soi-disant horse pucky term and idea of ‘Gay marriage ‘. Unless of course anything Obi wan says is known to be bovine scatology to the Dem’O’leming followers en masse.”

At times like this, I really can’t do any better than to quote Jeff Spicoli: “Awesome. Totally awesome.”


One Response to “Gay marriage: Now with soi-disant horse pucky!”

  1. Joy said

    Welcome back, FF. I’ve really missed you. I’ve found myself actually reading comments on newspaper articles about Prop 8, but I just don’t have the stamina that you do to wade through the cesspool of smelly disgusting bigotry and stupidity long enough to find the hidden gems like this one. Brava, FF, for your fortitude.

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