The ski masks really mess up our hair, though

March 8, 2009

“homosexuals will not be satisfied until they get our childrens minds turning towards their homosexual lifestyle.We have turned everything on its head saying what is unatural as natural.Like the militant muslims who want a world run by the Islamic religion homosexuals main aim is the complete surrender of the heterosexual way of life to the world gay liberation front”

First, the Gay Liberation Front broke into Focus on the Family’s laboratories under cover of darkness and released dozens of gays from their cages, simultaneously destroying years of careful research and unleashing a swarm of helpless homosexuals into the wild. Then, we staged a hostile takeover of the straight folks’ commas and apostrophes. Who knows what we’ll do next?


One Response to “The ski masks really mess up our hair, though”

  1. Dori said

    Maybe this person is just really scared of the Queer Special Forces.

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