Sulfpher the little children

March 13, 2009

“DISGUSTING SODOMITES. The purest sulfpher in the world can be found at whats left over from the ancient city of Sodom and Gemorah. The purest sulpher(brimestone) rained down on those people, because of their homosexuality, beastialty and their pedophilles who walked the streets free. What are these people going to do when an earthquake takes away the electricity for their TV and refrigerator. What happens when their food and water supply they take for GRANTED, is taken away? Big Brother dosen’t care about the individual. The only place your headed to is a FEMA Concentration Camp”

I, for one, feel a lot better knowing that when the Last Judgment comes, FEMA will be on hand to restore order with their characteristic competence and compassion. Heckuva job, Big Brother! (No one could have predicted that a lake of fire would open up and swallow the wicked….)


One Response to “Sulfpher the little children”

  1. Joy said

    Wow. You know, I work in the electricity industry, and the new stimulus bill provides $4.5 billion for development of the “Smart Grid,” which will upgrade the U.S. electricity network. I guess we don’t really need the money, though, because according to this guy the electric grid is ALREADY so smart that it can distinguish between gays and straights, and only shut off gay people’s electricity in the event of an earthquake. I’ll let everyone know we can return the $4.5 billion.

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