Funky Flawed Medina

March 16, 2009

“No we are wise as serpents,and you guys would love to catch us with our pants down (no punt) we are wise to the tricks you guys pull the sore loser you are..dont even say that you people wouldnt try that for the $$$.come on..all is fair when money is involved to pay im old school i like women as tone loke said,i have no plans with a man’ this is the 80’s i love the ladies..sorry dude”

I’m about as hip to the ins and outs of rap music as the average cloistered nun, but I do try to do my research when a FF contributor throws an unfamiliar pop-culture reference my way. So now, after a serpentine (no punt!) Google-journey back to the late ’80s,  I know who Tone-Loc is, and I know that this mangled attempt at a quotation comes from his hit song “Funky Cold Medina,” and I know that it’s a wee bit ironic to bolster your argument for traditional heterosexual courtship and marriage by citing a song about a cavalier date-rapist.


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