The math of God shall be upon your head

March 21, 2009

“If ‘Math’ is the state of being and ‘addition’ is the ethic, the the ‘sum’ is the moral, i. e.
1+2=3 (A true state of being)
If we ‘redefine’ the ethic by changing the symbol (+) to (-), yet cling to the first ‘moral’ then we get;
1-2=3 (a false state of being or a lie)
The True Moral of the second being is (-1);
1-2=-1 (a true statement of the second being)
This isn’t to say that addition is ‘better’ than subtraction, it only illustrates that the truth, regardless of the ethic, will always lead to an honest moral that is constructive to the state of being; in this case Math.
If math is a ‘universal concept’ then its processes apply to all ‘things’. Since [same-gender marriage] is a thing, then ‘math’ applies, there for SGM does not equal M. I suspect those who adopt policies [that] defy something as simple as math are the first to go.”

We can only hope.


5 Responses to “The math of God shall be upon your head”

  1. Joy said

    What never ceases to amaze me about these people is the complex, elaborate, twisted logic and half-baked theories that they create, clearly crafted during hours and hours of painstaking rumination — all just to come up with this sort of nonsense. Who would have thought that being stupid required so much hard work?

  2. Atalanta said

    Seriously! Even more stunning to me is the implied certainty that THIS innovative and unassailable proof has now established the point beyond reasonable doubt.

    And if you study it and STILL don’t see the light, you clearly Just Don’t Get Math, probably because you’re a girl, or something.

  3. Nik said

    The math theory simplified.

    1 person + 1 person = 2 people in love.

  4. Mark said

    Yes Nik, one would hope that “love” and faerie dust would make any claim come true.

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