Prop 8, can you hear me?

March 27, 2009

“Let me pose a question for you. I am not No on 8 bashing. Just posing a question. So don’t infer anything malicious. If women who have been on average paid 70 cents on the dollar of men, suddenly feel that they are discriminated against because they are ‘female’ in the employment category. Could they just use the word ‘male’ on job applications? We already have protections against discrimination for them but that didn’t do enough. They would rather use the same term as men.”

Isn’t that just like women? You men go out of your way to pass awesome anti-discrimination laws so that we’ll knock off our whining, and instead of taking our 70 cents and being grateful, we just keep complaining. In truth, we probably wouldn’t have been clever enough to dream up the whole “pretend to be a man” thing without the help and inspiration of this kind commenter (who are we, Yentl?), but now that we’ve got the idea in our heads, we intend to run with it. Watch out, workplaces of the world! We’re coming for your urinals next!


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