Wankers of the world, unite

March 28, 2009

“Gays want to ask how their marriage hurts us? Ok you want an answer then answer this, how will gay marriage benefit the rest of the 95% of the population, if your answer is that it wont help, neither will we.”

Ignoring for a moment the myriad ways in which marriage equality arguably does benefit society, let’s simply consider the implications of adopting a system in which everything that doesn’t actively and tangibly advance the greater good is outlawed. Then, let’s consider the probability that the same guy who posted this is also on seven different internet forums telling anyone who will listen that Barack Obama is a dirty socialist.


2 Responses to “Wankers of the world, unite”

  1. Buffy said

    How does heterosexual marriage benefit us? Sorry, all that blather about the fruits of their unprotected sex isn’t a “benefit”. I’m tired of my tax dollars going to support their spawn. Let them pay for their own progeny and maybe they’ll be more pragmatic about what they do with their genitals. And tax the hell out of those churches they use only to plot against others. They’re not charities in any way, shape or form. My taxes should not, in any way, support institutions that work to harm me.

  2. Rodney said

    How will gay marriage benefit the population as a whole? In several ways:

    1. Homosexual priests won’t have to join the clergy and “hide out” because society does not accept them. Therefore, this will result in fewer children being molested.

    2. If homosexuality is realized as a fact of life and that it is OK, then maybe fewer children will be bullied in the schools resulting in fewer incidents of teen suicide among gay teens.

    3. If a minority group such as homosexuals have equal rights then maybe our Founding Fathers can breathe easier in their graves because the founding principle of our nation was that “all men are created equal” and our entire government is established to protect the rights of minorities.

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