April 1, 2009

“You really don’t know what you are talking about when you say you want to be there and wave at the Chirstians as they are taken out at the Rapture. Once that event occuss and it will one day take place, as sure as I am sitting in front of my computer screen. It will usher in the worst 7 years the world has ever seen. There will be a one world dictator who will pretend to be a man of peace, but will soon rule with an iron hand. everyone will be required to recieve a mark on their right hand or on their forhead to buy or sell anything, there will be wide spread famine, earthquakes and natural disasters. It won’t be plesant.”

OH MY GOD! I realize now that I had a presentiment of the Rapture just a few months ago! A despotic leader was in charge of the nation, and there were people starving, and we’d just had a little earthquake, and somebody stamped my hand before I was allowed to buy anything! ….Oh, wait. That was a nightclub in LA.


2 Responses to “Unplesantville”

  1. Carnedo said

    Actually, I can’t wait for this to occuss.

  2. Sarah TX said

    I think this guy has been reading a few too many LeHaye novels. It’s really sort of sad when people take allegorical writing super seriously. “And there’s literally going to be a whore from Babylon riding on a two-headed dragon! Except maybe the two-headed dragon will be like a train with two engines!”

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