Then what’s it doing in our Constitution?

April 4, 2009

“This isn’t a Constitutional issue. Its a GOD issue. Maybe we should go back to biblical punishments of stoning and hanging one on a cross for their crimes.”

Apparently Holy Week has taught us nothing. Crucifixion doesn’t even work; three days later the perp is up and running around again.


2 Responses to “Then what’s it doing in our Constitution?”

  1. Ken said

    This is a symptom of fundies’ desire to have someone, anyone, tell them what to do. They’d be much more comfortable in Herod’s dictatorship (complete with summary judgment and torture) than in a democracy.

  2. mayalan said

    Ken– just yesterday I read an article that suggested that Americans swear democracy is the best form of government, but they trust in a very king-like monarchical God. Interesting, huh? It’s like society doesn’t know how to follow through with its intellectual ideas.

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