Whipped cream is a nice touch, too

April 10, 2009

“A banana split is a dessert made with a banana, 3 scoops of ice cream (traditionally chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry), and 3 toppings (traditionally chocolate, strawberry, and marshmallow).
A person who did not care for marshmallow could substitute caramel, a person allergic to strawberries could substitute peach, but to be a banana split it MUST contain bananas and ice cream.
A dessert made from ice cream and toppings with no bananas is not a banana split.
A dessert made from bananas and toppings is not a banana split.
The combination of banana with ice cream is integral to the concept of the banana split. It defines what a banana split IS.
Likewise the complementarity of male and female is integral to marriage. The union of a man and a woman defines what marriage IS.”

What if it has two bananas and no cherry on top?


2 Responses to “Whipped cream is a nice touch, too”

  1. Joy said

    I hate to do anything to help the homophobes, but since they wouldn’t listen to me anyway — I’ve got some advice, guys. Ixnay the metaphors. Really. You wind up with egg on your face again and again. Accept the fact that metaphorizing surpasses your skill set. Stick to ranting, raving and whining.

  2. Emily said

    But I /like/ bananas 😦

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