In which another fundy analogy fails miserably

April 17, 2009

“It is kind of like saying ‘my neighbor has a great medical plan, and time off for maternity, and retirement with bonuses’ I want what he has, but I am different, I have a different job that does not offer that. I feel I am being treated as a second class citizen. I want to have the same benefits that he has, but I don’t work for that company, I am going to protest and start a drive to get the same benefits without the qualifications required. It is only fair that I am treated the same as my neighbor..I am equal and those benefits are rightfully mine too. I think all people should have the same rights as all other people no matter what company they work for. I think we should all have the same free medical plan our Congressional leaders have and the same pay they have, and all the same benefits..after all we the people pay for what they have, we should have it too.”

What intrigues me most here is not the fact that “GrandmaOf24” almost seems to be talking herself into the whole crazy concept of equality as she rambles on. It’s the fact that her male neighbor qualifies for maternity leave.


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