Quadruplets preferred

October 24, 2008

“Vote Yes on 8, unless they can Procreate.
Vote Yes on 8, unless they can Procreate.
Vote Yes on 8, unless they can Procreate.
Vote Yes on 8, unless they can Procreate.”

Does using Copy/Paste count as reproduction?


“Same sex couples cannot create children and the existence of same sex marriage is extraneous and, as we have seen from the coercive campaign from this who oppose Prop 8, damaging to society already. Consider their war cry ‘either you agree with us or you are a vile human being’. If this isn’t fascism, I don’t know what is. YES ON PROP 8!!!!!”

Hmm, this is ringing a bell; where have I heard all this before? “War cry”…..”either you’re with us or you’re against us”…..coercion…..fascism…..it all reminds me so strongly of something, but what?

Oh, right! The last eight years!

“I love my Country and I almost cry when I see our Moral Compass going downhill. We need to get it back.”

Doesn’t this seem like the basis for a really good nursery rhyme, starring The Boy Who Cried Because His Moral Compass Fell Down a Hill? Here, I did a rough draft:

Jack the pill
Went down the hill
To get his Moral Compass.
A slippery slope,
Or just a dope?
Those fundies sure can stump us.

“We have standards in medicine, science, engineering, mathematics, finance, and so on and so on. Having these standards creates a strong basis for a society to build itself upon. But whenever we get into the moral standards of life, all of the sudden, the same people who rely on standards for most other areas of society, now want to say that having moral standards is ‘hateful’. Well, then the next time your taxes are prepared correctly, or the doctor prescribes the right medicine for you, perhaps you should scream ‘hate!’, as those are also based on standards. Think it through, my friend.”

John McCain? Is that you?

Breeding contempt

October 16, 2008

“It is a fact that an overwhelming majority (>90%) of women who engage in Hetero sex will concieve. Conception is impossible in Hom0 sex. Nobody needs to peak in a bedroom to understand these facts of life.”

Umm….at least one of you had better “peak” in the bedroom if we’re going to keep those rabbit-esque reproduction stats so high.