“A banana split is a dessert made with a banana, 3 scoops of ice cream (traditionally chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry), and 3 toppings (traditionally chocolate, strawberry, and marshmallow).
A person who did not care for marshmallow could substitute caramel, a person allergic to strawberries could substitute peach, but to be a banana split it MUST contain bananas and ice cream.
A dessert made from ice cream and toppings with no bananas is not a banana split.
A dessert made from bananas and toppings is not a banana split.
The combination of banana with ice cream is integral to the concept of the banana split. It defines what a banana split IS.
Likewise the complementarity of male and female is integral to marriage. The union of a man and a woman defines what marriage IS.”

What if it has two bananas and no cherry on top?