“i watched on the news about all those cry babys marching for there emoral right to marry.with the last election on prop 8,not even a liberal judge can change that out come.calif wanted once before and got it.than with the stroke of a very liberal judge tosses out the will of the voters.and alowed those things to marry.”

Dear “things” and thing-allies:

You aren’t going to let these idiots win, are you?

The struggle for marriage equality is only beginning. You can still be part of the effort to ensure that the vote on Proposition 8 isn’t the last word on this subject.

  • Rally! Here’s a list of protests and vigils in California. Here’s a link for out-of-state events.
  • Sign the petition! Nah, it probably doesn’t mean much, but it feels good.
  • Write letters! Let your local newspapers know how the passage of Prop 8 has affected you.
  • Support gay-friendly businesses! Here’s a list of businesses to avoid. I’m still looking for a good directory of companies who earned our business. Meanwhile, don’t be afraid to ask before you hand over your money.
  • Talk to people! If they supported marriage equality, thank them. If they didn’t, ask them why they feel that some citizens are not worthy of the same rights as others, and don’t let them weasel out of answering.
  • Fly your freak flag! Just because you took down your “No on 8” signs (or, as in my case, had them stolen) doesn’t mean your dwelling has to go naked. Here’s one source among many for rainbow flags.

Other suggestions? Leave your ideas and links in comments!


4 Responses to “HELP!”

  1. CJ San Diego said

    Get your web friend to help you get an RSS and Share button on your awesome website! (Happy to help you!!)

  2. Robert said

    I came by your website through Pam’s Blend. Wonderful site. Thanks for publishing/fighting/etc. in support of equal marriage. I’m in Ohio, and while it is generally quiet here, we have almost no legal protections. I think it will be a long time after others have received their rights that we get ours. I’m 70 years old, been in an LTR for 40 years. I hope I live long enough for marriage to come my way.


  3. Robert said

    Ummm sorry, a correction: …by way of Lavender Newswire…. (I usually hit Pam’s site just before Lavender… (senior moment?))


  4. Michelle said

    I came by way of a fb post by my awesome and intelligent brother Mathew (onetee) in SF. So witty, so engaging, yet so sad. We sent money down from OR to support Cali and the right to marry and it saddens me that it went down the way it did. Keep posting! Keep the sass. The mid-years are just around the corner and more states will be putting state constitutional changes addressing marriage as between one man and one woman on the ballots. We need to work to keep momentum going. Thanks for doing what you do!

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