“I have no doubt that those who are truly gay are born that way; but so are those who have, for example, a disfiguring facial birthmark. If such a person were to seek the services of a prostitute, would that be OK in California? No, it’s illegal because society has determined it’s detrimental. You may not like that analogy, but it’s more apt than comparing homosexuality to race.”

Society has determined that facially flawless johns are A-OK.


Ye gads

November 18, 2008

“it is a dirty nasty sin for a man to lay with man or woman to lay with woman.its 1 of the 7 deadly sins.and all the gripen and protesting at the mall will not chage the fact.its no differant than a man that wants 7 wives.ware do you get off saying the will f the people took your civil rights away.thats garbage.the is strict on marriage.next you will have people wanting to marry there dog,cats birds or even cars.ware does it stop or end.they will be saying garbage like you about its the cicil right.gad made adam and eve.not adam&steve.”

If the stylistic nuances and flourishes of this passage seem familiar, it’s because we’ve met “big daddy” before. He’s still extremely concerned—though not in this particular excerpt—with homosexuality being “shoved down are throtes” and taught in schools. I ask you this: Does a comment like this give you reason to believe that anything at all is taught in schools anymore?

End of story….or is it?

November 11, 2008

“you chose your way of life.stop shoving it down are throtes.marriage is 1 man 1 women.end of story.rosey and ellen are poor excuses for your case.we spoke on nov4th end of story. your just mad you lost.ha ha ha.you will never ever get your path to marriage.unless its with the protocall with a male.like it or not gay marriage is unethical emoral and just down right sick.unless your gay.why is it when we the normal people have parades about the 4th,vetr,or any other type parade we are always dressed normal.gay pride parades the men are 1/2 to 3/4 naked waring garters shortes that are under sized and just down right discusting. they parade like they want to be porno stars. again you want health care go bye it like unwed straight couples do.get a power of attorney for medical desc.make a will for your possions.if you think your not treated right.theres allways london.stop shoving this gay crap down are throtes.end of story.some times i do make type o`s.or i may miss a letter because i cant type that well.but i guess thats better than being an gay out cast.trying to force your gay marriage down peoples thote.gay marriage is not a civel right.just like a man cant have more than 1 wife– way he would want 1 anyway.1 is bad enough.you know deep down inside your emoral and deveate behaiver.at least you got your terrorist in the whitehouse.thats batting 500.your 1&1.to answer your stupid question about being homophobic thats a laff. iam know where near that.my mother inlaw is gay.my wifes uncle is gay.hes been with his partner for years.my female cousin is gay.so there goes your point about me being homophobic.you dont like it?tuff tillys.end of story.my mother inlaw who is gay.does not belive in gay marriage.nor does her partner.i cant speak for my wifes uncle i have only met him twice.as for my cousin i have only sean her 7 times in my life because of distance.but i did have a very close friend ann who was gay. and we went to a lot of gay roller rings,gay partys.i even went to gat bars with her.we where like brothers.i met alot of her gar friends.how ever she knew how i felt about the gay life style.but because she was gay did i not be her friend or miss treat her.not.end of story.”

I cannot possibly improve upon the Joycean masterpiece that “big daddy” has offered us here, and I think you’d all respect me a little less if I tried. End of story.

“Today my eleven year old twin grand children were at my home and seeing my Yes on 8 lawn sign wanted to know what it meant. After explaining that it simply means that I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman only, and I explained that others want to redefine it to include unions between two persons on the same sex. I asked them what would happen if everyone married someone of the same sex. They didn’t have to think long about their answer: ‘There would be no more people.’ Even children get this.”

So: If gay marriage remains legal, everyone in the world—heterosexuals, evangelicals, Jim Garlow—will instantly opt to go gay. Hmmm. Have you noticed that the most vociferous opponents of homosexuality are also the ones who seem to find it totally irresistible?